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WorldWide Advance has worked in different capacities in Vietnam since the late 1950's and has been instrumental in bringing millions of copies of the Word of God and assisting tens of thousands of people with desperately needed humanitarian aid.


The need is still great and WWA continues to launch initiatives to serve the people of Vietnam, working with Rev. Tu, the leader of a network of 1,200 churches and known as the "Father of the Underground Church."

Tell The Story - Vietnam

Go Kit

WWA has access to The Go Kit!, one of the most unique, innovative methods of spreading the gospel ever devised.  "The Most Important Story" smart phone app is based on the print book of the same name, which has been read by over 91 million people the world over. 

Using a micro projector, the app is shown on a wall or screen and the story of Jesus is told in the most compelling manner.  After the presentation, each person then receives the app content in the form of a print booklet.  Fifteen years of study have shown that the print booklet delivers a 75% rate of people putting their faith in Christ.

There are 63 provinces in Vietnam.  WWA is committed to providing each province with a Go Kit! (the equipment and books).  Vietnamese leaders will travel throughout the province with the Kit, presenting the gospel and distributing the Scripture-based booklets.  Conservatively, each province team needs a minimum of resources to reach 5,000 people.

To reach one child will cost $3.  The Vietnamese leaders are ready to travel.  They need the resources.  Please consider how many kids you can help reach.

The Hmong People

Hmong People

Vietnam has 54 ethnic minorities.  One of the hardest to reach has been the Hmong people who live in the mountains of northern Vietnam.  They largely have a subsistence style of living and there have been great restrictions for many reasons on the border areas adjacent to China. They live isolated from the ethnic Vietnamese and still maintain much of their ancient cultural ways. Each tribe has a particular pattern of beautiful, colorful clothing and many still  worship ancestors and practice other tribal beliefs.

WWA has received word that it is now allowed to deliver humanitarian aid to these people through Pastor Tu and the denomination he leads, Christian Fellowship Church of Vietnam.  The Hmong  desperately need the love of Jesus shown in the form of food, clothing and medicine, as well as the love of Jesus shown in the truth of the gospel.  Never has there been the openness to help them.  We must act immediately.
Our initial goal at WWA is to raise $100,000 to bring food, medicines, clothing, and the gospel to these people. 

$10 will provide 1 person with food, clothing and malaria medication.  How many of these least-reached can you help?